Back to School University Toolkit

Show students what Handshake can do for them

Make sure students understand the power of Handshake. These resources can help you spread the word.


Introductory presentation

Help students get started with this essential Handshake introduction. The deck is fully customizable and highlights the key features of Handshake that all students should know.


How other students are navigating their campus to career journey on Handshake.


Present at any student-facing events that you can:

  • Orientation
  • Info sessions
  • Clubs
  • Visits to student orgs
  • Residences
  • Classes
Worcester Polytechnic Institute holds a Kickoff event during the first week of classes that serves both as an engagement opportunity for those students returning to campus and as an introduction to those new to campus. The event aims to introduce students to services offered by the career center, including Handshake - you can check out extensive details on the event (including sample handouts and flyers) here. Riky Hanlan
Riky Hanlan, Career Advisor
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Play the full video (or shorter cuts) at similar events, or loop on public screens with closed captioning:

  • Career centers
  • Dining halls
  • Residence halls

Share the presentations and videos with faculty, alumni relations, campus influencers, and other campus partners for them to share with and present to their own audiences.

UC Berkeley trains campus advisors and gives them courtesy student Handshake accounts to access and learn about the system. Three times per year, the Career Center holds informal brown bag lunch sessions with campus advisors to educate them about Handshake, show them how to navigate the platform as a student, and enable them to create a student account for themselves so they can show Handshake to students during their advising sessions. They also promote external job feeds during these sessions to encourage departments to place a Handshake widget on their websites. Santina Pitcher
Santina Pitcher, Director Counseling & Programs
University of California, Berkeley

Teach students how to get the most out of Handshake

Building awareness is the first step. Now, help students transition from “aware” to “activated” to “active”.



Here are three key one-pager guides to help students get up and running on Handshake:

Get started on Handshake download now

It all starts with a login. Let’s get students across this vital threshold – the value starts becoming apparent immediately afterwards.

Find answers to your career questions download now

Handshake has great peer learning tools like Reviews, Q&A, and Peer Messaging that help students connect with and learn from other students and alumni!

How to stand out to recruiters download now

Employers are looking for your students. Students can do certain things on Handshake to make themselves easier to find.

How to complete your Handshake profile

Share these profile tips and tricks with students. Students who complete their profile on Handshake are 5x more likely to be contacted by an employer.


Boston University built this Campus Partner Education presentation deck, which shares targeted, BU-specific information about Handshake and has been presented academic advisors, as well as a number of other groups across campus. Use of the deck has resulted in collaboration conversations with 5 departments - 3 of those departments have moved their appointment scheduling into Handshake! The deck covers basic Handshake functionality, why BU selected Handshake over its competitors, and tips for students on how to use the system most effectively. Eleanor Cartelli
Eleanor Cartelli, Senior Associate Director
Boston University

Inform students with the right emails at the right times

Get handshake in front of students when they are in job search mode. A series of emails will be teed up in your outbox for students to receive at key moments this fall.


Email topics

From activation to applications, and everything in between, our emails cover the topics your students need to know about.

  • Activate your account.
  • Get personalized job recommendations.
  • Register for events.
  • Apply for jobs and internships.
  • Update your profile.
  • Get advice and connect with peers.
Opt in

Learn about activation and marketing campaigns to get your students started and to keep them engaged!

Email best practices

Tips to write a great email that will get students to pay attention and take action.


Use our emails to help drive students to log in and engage with Handshake. After running several pilot campaigns, we’ve found out what is most engaging without being overwhelming. Just choose the send date that makes the most sense for your students.

Macalester College streamlined communications to students by eliminating their newsletter-style email (which had included links to articles, resources, etc.) in favor of an upcoming events-only weekly mass email. Their open rates had previously been hovering around 20%; spring semester they averaged a 42% open rate, with a majority of weeks above 60%. Lisa Ray
Lisa Ray, Communication Specialist
Macalester College

Centralize career-building activities

Help your students find all career services, resources, and events in one place.



Make the most of events on campus — from registering to tracking.


Career services hosted events

  • Register for career fairs and employer events.
  • Book career services appointments.
  • Schedule on-campus interviews.

Events hosted by other campus organizations

  • Register for events.
  • Book appointments.
  • Sign up for newsletters.

Best practices

Unique events other universities held that you might want to try!

  • Free slice of pizza for activating your account
  • "Let's Taco-bout your career" taco party encouraging students to log in
  • Register on Handshake for a free headshot at the career center
Carnegie Mellon University features a variety of different types of content from partners across campus. Our campus jobs are posted on Handshake. Students book appointments for the Research and Fellowships Office through Handshake. The office of international education advertises and collects RSVP’s for their mandatory CPT/OPT sessions through Handshake. Kevin Monahan
Kevin Monahan, Associate Dean of Student Affairs for Career and Professional Development

Keep it fresh

Why should students use Handshake? Reminding them can help them get hired.


Promotional content

Make Handshake relevant with visual cues across campus.


Order shirt, stickers, and other fun Handshake swag for your students. Customize it to reflect your school pride!


Use our brand guidelines to produce your own creatives. Have a talented student help you! And share your designs back with us, we'd love to see them!

Lewis & Clark College uses a variety of methods including tailored email communications, social media campaigns, on-campus events, and collaborations with campus partners to keep Handshake top of mind throughout a student’s ntime on campus. Their efforts ultimately led 62% of undergraduate students to activate their Handshake accounts! You can review details of their approach here. Rocky Campbell
Rocky Campbell, Career Center Director
Lewis & Clark College


Physical promotional content

Display in highly trafficked student areas, share files with campus partners to display.