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Using Handshake was a complete game changer for me
Using Handshake was a complete game changer for me. I went from being scared and confused about the entire internship searching process to having a real opportunity in less than 2 months. I had several interviews each week for about a month. It was nice knowing that I had more options than I anticipated. Handshake really made it easy.
Caitlin M. Dingler
University of South Carolina
It was a really awesome experience to be headhunted
I got several emails from employers on Handshake without having to reach out to them first. It was a really awesome experience to be "headhunted" of sorts, and having an employer approach me really made me passionate about them. It made me want to research them more, and engage in a meaningful application process. Handshake helped me form valuable connections with companies.
Caden Sumner
Michigan Tech University
A great place to develop ideas, work out possibilities, and organize information
The Handshake interface has a semi-casual, less formal presentation, and allows for some creative presentation. It’s a great place to develop ideas, work out possibilities, and organize information. The product has a flexible feel that makes it good for students transitioning to professional work.
Gilbert Doan
Stanford University
Handshake has been my most valuable resource
The platform is very powerful when it comes to searching by keywords and filtering. I can sort job postings by relevance or date posted which is essential. I love the tailored homepage interface which suggests relevant jobs/internships based on my profile and interests. I am currently looking to shift my career and Handshake has been my most valuable resource.
Ahmed Abdou
Columbia University
Handshake has provided me with a diverse set of opportunities
Handshake has provided me with a diverse set of opportunities. It offers a variety of tools to utilize in search for different careers. I have been able to secure many job interviews and also network with several company representatives!
Stephanie Young
Clark Atlanta University
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