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Leading employers of all sizes-including Fortune 500, startups, and nonprofiles-leverage Handshake Premium to proactively and digitally up-level their early talent recruiting game.

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From small businesses to enterprise organizations across every industry.

  • CVS Health
  • Ernst & Young
  • Apple
  • Unilever
  • Capital One
  • Nike

Customer spotlight

Coyote Logistics breaks through noise to find qualified early talent

Coyote's personalized outreach to candidates results in an uptick in quality applicants and less time out of office.

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Raymond James masters personalized recruiting

Raymond James partners with Handshake to enhance their employer brand and create personalized experiences at scale.

Hubspot targets and attracts talent at scale

HubSpot, a software company with over 3,000 employees, boosted early talent hiring results nationwide with Handshake.

Success Academy finds niche teachers

Largest and highest-performing free public charter school network in NYC taps into Handshake's network to fill diverse roles.

Alight Solutions provides a seamless candidate experience

Aon Hewitt spinoff quickly raises early talent awareness & consideration, resulting in an 80% increase in applicants.

Genworth fulfills critical hiring requests

An engaged, qualified early talent pipeline at the ready makes it easy for this small campus recruiting team to fulfill hiring needs.

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